Hi guys, this is my first foray into this forum, as well as my first ever new guitar day. I've played electric for a year and a half on an Ibanez my dad got for his birthday, but didn't really have time to play. So this Christmas I asked my parents for an acoustic, and we went to the shop to try some. I knew the second I picked this up it was the one for me.


She's a Tanglewood TGRD VSE. I must say, she's a challenge to play; she's unforgiving, and you really have to be at your best to play her, but once you start making her your bitch, it's unbelievably rewarding. She's strung with 11s, so bends are pretty difficult, but it's easy to sort with practice. She sounds big; deep, solid lows, pronounced mids, and creamy highs. With a pick, you get a solid response, and fingerpicking is softer, but sounds great. Plugged into my Blackstar HT20, she sounds very similar, although with a lot of reverb the sound gets a bit washed out. She also looks stunning in my opinion, my shitty phone camera doesn't do that finish justice. Apart from a little untidiness on the binding near the headstock, the construction is flawless. There's no sawdust or glue inside the soundhole.

TL;DR: Lovely sounding, lovely looking guitar. She needs a name though.
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nice guitar ! happy guitar day! santa just left me reindeer poop on the roof and some empty beer bottles on my lawn. enjoy it , it looks like a player.
happy new guitar day - enjoy your new guitar
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