Well, this came out just before Christmas, mostly while jamming. I put in some extra stuff and fiddled with the drums and this is the result. I dunno what the hell it is, but I hope you enjoy it, and I'll take any criticism on board. I'm not a very experienced writer, but well The file's too large for attachment, so I had to upload it to 2shared, the download links are below. It's safe, and you click the blue download button at the bottom, not the green one.

GP5 - http://www.2shared.com/file/SP4bwYyL/Shining.html
GPX - http://www.2shared.com/file/mfb5DKgh/Shining.html

And of course, C4C. Least I can do. Cheers.

It's GP5 and GPX, and I'd prefer it if you listened with RSE and decent headphones. It's not for MIDI!
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Great song. Alot of tapping and scales though. Drums can be spiced up a bit. Maybe reduce the number of tracks. Using gp5 there wasnt any RSE too listen too. I guess in gp6 it would be much better. Bar 45-46 I think where you use the whammy sounds really bad. Would recommend another transition. Sounded a tiny bit repetitive because of the overuse of tapping and scales