Hello people,
Ive run into a predicament about my next amp purchase. I've moved off to college and currently have a 6505+ and Mesa 4x12 rectifier at home and have made the decision to sell the pair to get an amp more suitable for my current music taste. The metal days are over for me and I'm looking for an amp with more emphasis on clean tone that can take effects well. I'm also looking to have some form of distortion whether it be from the amp or a pedal to still get that heavy punch.
As far as examples of sounds im going for, Im really trying to get a jonny greenwood esq tone. ive also been into fleet foxes, shins, interpol and other indie stuff along those lines. ive been playing around on the ac30cc and the twin reverb and i like them both but its a hard decision and id figure id get everyones input. Also if anyone has any other suggestions for similar sounding amps spit it out.
Ive got a gibson les paul dc, line 6 dl4/fm4, boss dd-6/ns2/tuner, big muff, ibanez ts turbo, and little alligator volume.
Thanks boys and girls
Find a blackface twin.
Gilchrist custom
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Boss GT-100

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Both of those are great amps, but are you going to have a lot of large gigs? Those are extremely loud and heavy, have you considered something smaller?
I dont have any large gigs planned but I intend to get some set up in the future. Plus its a little hard to go from a 120w tube half stack to a combo to begin with so I leaning on the power and wattage for my own sake. Im gonna be sad to see the stack go ya know what i mean