So I'm planning on getting a second guitar, just because I want to. I've had my eye set on a Fender Squier Clasic Vibe 50s Telecaster. Around 450$ at my local store.

But I found a used 1994 MIM strat for 380$ (with a Seymour Duncan JB junior in the bridge) and i can get it lower but the original pickup will be placed in. Switches have been changed, golden hardware, 'new electronics', bridge screws, new 'condensators' - no idea what that means, anyway.
pics of the start:


What do you think guys? I personaly cant decide. Both of these guitars would suit the music I play
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Despite the fact that the CV 50s Tele is $100 more than it should be (I'm assuming you're talking about US dollars), I say get it because that Strat looks terrible. Red flags are the fake "relicing" and the fact that its missing 50% of the logo.
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