Got my nice new HT-1R today, plugged it in, only to find it does not work.

It turns on, but there is no sound. It does make a pop sound as its turned on and off.
I'm new to Tube amps so I Don't really know about common problems with them.

Any ideas why this is?

Check the tubes are seated properly. Pull them out and plug them back in again.
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I've never used that amp, does it have a standby switch next to the power switch? Most tube amps have a standby switch, they are so you can turn the power on and let the tubes warm up, then you turn the standby switch on and can play.
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video was a bit jerky and quick so I couldn't really tell what you were doing. Make sure the guitar volume is up and cable is in correctly. Otherwise, I'd say you got a borked one and you need to exercise your warranty/return policy.