guys i hv a bass combo (2x12") of 120W solid state.. thing is, we used to rehearse in a small room before with 50W+30W SS guitar amps & drums & the sound was audible.. but lately we have moved to a semi-hall kind room (about the size of 3 standard apartment rooms) & my bass sound is no more heard.. at 90% volume, it just cuts it with a bit of awful solid state distortion.. in fact, i gotta pick all the time now coz whenever i revert to fingering the sound grows weak..

now getting a 240-250W rig is a bit expensive.. at the same tym another 120W can just be managed.. so if i get another one & connect via line out of old amp, run both amps together, the output that i'll get, would it be comparable to a decent 240W loudness or not??

wonder if anyone has tried this..