So, I've been playing about 2 years now using pretty much nothing but tabs, my ears, and observing other guitarists. I've become a decent homemade guitarist over time and now I really want to start implementing music theory into my practice.
Anybody know of any good books that could help me out?

My favorite guitarists are Synyster Gates and John Petrucci if that helps any.
I'd like to learn blues & spanish improvisation and really just get to know the fretboard and how it works in the music world.
My goals are to understand writing music, be able to cooperate with a band, and really just be able to interpret what I hear and feel into my guitar all the better.
Oh, and I'm a metalhead. :P SOAD, A7X, KsE.

Anyways, thanks for reading. If you know of or could find 1 or 2 books that could help me out in all these areas, that would be great. God bless!
my advice: find a music theory book that isn't based around a specific instrument (particularly, guitar). any collegiate textbook really shouldn't steer you wrong - just get a handful of solid textbooks for theory, and a cheap keyboard, and learn with those while developing your technical skill on the guitar (particularly acoustic considering the music you want to learn) and learning all the notes on the fretboard. then you can start putting what you learn from that into your playing when it's relevant, and once you get to harmonic analysis the real fun can start with your playing.

it takes longer and is potentially harder than some other methods of theory, but it's the tried-and-true method of getting things done if you can't just take some courses at uni.
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i just suggested "music theory for dummies" in another thread, i stand by that statement.