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So here's the dealio. I got some SD P-Rails for Christmas. The guitar I'm putting them in is a discontinued Schecter C-1 E/A. For those who don't know, this model guitar is a semi-hollow with two humbuckers and a piezo in the bridge. With that being said, the controls on the guitar already are volume and tone for the humbuckers, volume and tone for the piezo, a 3 way mini toggle (humbuckers, hums+piezo, piezo) and a 3 way pickup selector. Since there's already a lot going on the guitar, as an alternative to throwing in two more mini-toggles, I'm looking at the SD triple-shots. Can anyone vouch for how cost-effective/reliable these things are or would I be better off drilling two more holes and going with switches? Thanks for the help!
they work good.
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I put triple shots on a Schecter semi-hollow with P-Rails and it was a snap. Very easy to install.