Me and my band are recording drums and we ran into a problem. The kick drum is resonating too much. How do we stop it?
Noise gate maybe? Maybe move the mic around or a compressor? Just some shots in the dark.
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Put a blanket inside it.
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stuff it with pillows and use a softer beater

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We glued egg crate around the inside of the shell and put a pilow in it. we fixed it though and ran a noise gate on it
A gate will cut it off in such a way that it won't sound natural.

You really need to fill the cavity with some blankets, pillows, etc., and ensure that some of that muffling material touches the skin/head that is resonating too much.

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What's the bass drum? How do you have it mic'd?

Don't do the damping with blankets and towels, you'll just muddy up the sound further. Try using electrical tape across the surface of the drum to dampen the skin lightly and reduce ring. If you want more click, try taping a credit card or similar to the spot where the beater hits.

More than anything, it's probably the quality of the drumhead that's the problem.
check the tuning of the drum. If you want the drum muffled and more "dead" sounding, using a blanket or pillow inside the drum helps but it takes some experimentation (make sure it's not too muddy or dead).

Other things that can help are using little bits of tape on the drum head, or taping foam rings on the resonant head.

My friend and I have had that problem with a 22" kick drum- it was tuned quite low and was very resonant. He taped two foam rings around the outer head and it instantly sounded better.
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