I haven't posted here for a while now. Probably because I haven't wrote much lately. Here's a small something, hope you like it.

The soul of your shoes

The soul of your shoes glistens
like the sweat on my brow in the
presence of the glaring moon.

The blood runs down the worn leather
like a stream on a rocky mountain.
And I'm stood at the bottom collecting
every drop, at the expence of my tastebuds.

Your eyes are wide, but mania cant be held
back with chains; it escapes like a rabid fox
to consume the victim inside out.

My other side refuses to watch
this horror from a sealed prison.
You try to crawl away, breaking your nails
on the rough surface, but still going nowhere.

I laugh. but its my other side,
I swear.
And when the crimson ceases,
Something is missing from you.

Something is missing from me;
it's me.
At a glance, this looks like massive randomness. Through a little looking at, I can see that this is ppretty deep. Id change mania to pandamonium but thats just me. it might not fit meter
The Overflow+READ=zombies.

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Just curious, with the Soul of your shoes part, are you trying a play on words? If so, im not getting the imagery.
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