Hey all, i've been on the hunt for maybe the past year trying to find a new guitar. Im thining i want to go with a Les Paul style body. So far i've tried out the EC1000 and didnt care for it. I've also tried out the Schecter that shares this body style but cant remember the exact model. To be honest i didnt care for the epi's or the gibson's either. I think i've been tainted by the Ibanez Wizard neck!! I love the way my guitar feels and I also really like the Charvel / Jackson guitars.

The two guitars that i really liked the way they felt and played were the Ibanez Art100 and the Charvel Desolation DS-2.

Anybody know how well the Gibraltar III bridge does on the Art100? I dont care what kind of pickups these things come with as i will be replacing them with EMG's or SD BO's but i am used to a floyd rose and the only experience i've had on guitars without a floyd rose were cheaper guitars that wouldnt hold tune fir nothun!

Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated. (I dont know my budget right now, for the right guitar i would save up) I do have a GC right up the street from where i live so if there is a model you think might fit the bill i could see if they have one there to try out.