I'm going to build myself a 4x12 guitar cab, not because i think i can make one sound better than an orange or a marshall, but simply for a bit of fun! I think i may also be able to save a bit of money aswell.

The music i play is gritty, high gain, high OD punk rock. I'm using a Jet City JCA100H as an amp. I'm wondering what speakers i should use for my cab build. I originally picked the Celestion vintage 30s as they are the speakers used in the orange 4x12s, but they are quite pricey.

Considering i have no knowledge of what makes a speaker good, or any knowledge of any speaker makes aside from celestion and eminence, can anybody recommend any good speakers for the type of stuff I play?

I'm looking for something that will sound big and harsh, but i ain't no Joe Satriani so i'm not majorly fussy.

Also while i'm here, does anyone have any little tips or things to look out for when building your own cab?

Thanks alot in advance, and merry christmas!
My advice would be take the MDF or plywood to a cabinet maker with a cutting list and get them to cut it, that way its dead straight and square. Also, try and keep an eye out for some second hand speakers if possible. Ive found that Emminence and Celestion speakers are bloody expensive new and thats where the biggest investment is going to be.
I built my cab almost three months ago but still havent loaded it with proper speakers yet because new ones are so expensive here. (at least $170au each for some good ones and at least $300 for 4 not so good ones.)
The other thing to think about is how you are going to wire it up either in series or parallel and also will the amplifier work at the impedance that your speakers are wired to. (look up what I mean in google, it is your friend).
One last thing is dont forget to budget in for some nice tolex, handles, castors and corners. They make the difference between a wooden box that makes some noise and a nice professional looking piece of equipment. Dont be scared of chucking some photos up. I'm stickying this thread. Good luck with it.
Managed to get myself a bargain and picked up 4 brand new eminence swamp thang speakers for £95.00! I think I'm going to spray the cab with something i found called 'tuff cab spray'. It's about £30 for a 5kg tub which will be more than enough. I'm going to wire it in series/parallel to keep the impedance constant so that it will work with my amp. I'm not sure what grille cloth to use or anything like that, not sure if i should put in anything to protect the speakers. I'll get some photos up when it's finished, will probably be a while yet!