As the title says, this original of mine is not yet finished, but this is what I have down so far. The style is a form of melodic metal. Don't care much about tying it down to an exact subgenre, although I would probably say it's like melodic death metal/metalcore/melodic thrash/groove, etc...

Thanks for all constructive criticisms and comments!
Nice melodies. Tone sounds thick, solid and tight. Although it isnt perfect, you obviously stated that it wasnt the point, although it did bother me a bit that the transitions between riffs wasnt very clean(messes up the flow). I seriously wanna know how it would sound like finished. Do you plan on recording this with a full band?
Thank you for the comment. You're the first person who has given me constructive criticism!

First of all, you stated that the transitions bothered you. I will tighten up the transitions in the final version. Since this is a rough preview, I didn't take much time to get it down very solid. I don't know if I will record this with a full band, though I would love to. My band just broke up a couple weeks ago, so I'm currently looking to start a new band. And I will finish this, and I will try to get it down tight (whole track finished) and posted on YouTube very soon (ideally within next week). I have no problem posting a link in this thread for you to the complete track once it is finished
The riffs sound very nice, I think the transitions will sound smoother when recorded with drums, bass etc. It's hard to give too much feedback at this stage, obviously you need to make it longer as well. Sounds like it has potential though for sure. Would be interested to hear it when finished.