I've owned this guitar for something like 8 years, and have always tuned pretty low (C sharp, C, even lower at times) and I've never had a problem at all until recently, I started getting a buzz on the first frets of the E and A string. The guy I brought it to said that the scale isn't made for tuning that low... so is there nothing that can be done to make this go away? I'm not too intuitive when it comes to guitar technical talk, so I really could use some help here with this.
The frets might need levelling, if you haven't done it before. After 8 years things like that can occur, or due to humidity changes your necks bowed back a bit and made the strings a bit closer to low frets.
Saying that it isn't meant to be tuned that low sounds really unprofessional. I know guys who tune 24.75" scale 6-string guitars to A standard. But if it has fret buzz, it certainly needs some attention. Like Glenn Guitar said, frets might need some work, also the neck could have lived a bit and also what I've found to cause fret buzz is old strings. Don't know why, but at least that's what my friend had a while ago.
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