im really confused, i understand my new yamaha emx mixer outputs in 1/4", and i thought also xlr. except this other output connector dosnt seem to be xlr, almost like a modification... i need to know what speakers to buy, and what outputs they should have. see attached pic
That's a Speakon connector bro,
Any serious PA system has this.
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are these cords standard like xlr and 1/4, or do they have variations? basically can i walk into guitar center and purchase these without worry of incompatibility? its just their website has a bunch of diffeerent options and different numbers of pins??
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Well, there's 2- 4- and 8-pole, 2-pole for 1 speaker 4-pole for 2 speakers an 8-pole for 4 speakers.
I'm pretty sure they have 2 pole at guitar center and as long as you connect one speaker to one output that should work out fine.