Had a feeling I was getting the Strymon blueSky Reverberator for Christmas, and I did. Simply put - it's the coolest pedal I've ever used. It makes everything I play sound like it should be in a movie. I haven't really messed with anything other than really, really long normal room reverb settings and shimmer, but those two settings alone make this pedal worth the rather steep price. I've made three recordings since I plugged the thing in last night (two aren't ready for public consumption, but they're close ). I'll post a quick little intro to an album I'm working on.


The pedal is plugged in front of my POD XT Live. I've managed to make some pretty damn awesome ambient sounds with that combination. Can't wait to use it in a live situation with a whole band. It just creates walls of awesome to make lovely music with. Profanity isn't enough to put into words how much I love this little beauty.

(There's another little tune I was working on on my Soundcloud page, it's called Blue Sky. There's some good stuff in it, but the sound isn't complete. It's pretty rough, but sounds cool I guess - have a listen).

EDIT: Also, I recorded the stuff on my Soundcloud in Reaper with a my Jackson Rhoads. Probably looked funny playing that with this type of music.
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