Im lookin for a bass. pretty much the most I can spend is 160, and Id really like to keep it below 120 really.
Ive been lookin at a squire affinity precision bass, i really like the design, and I played one I really liked the feel of it. The other option is a peavey milestone II.
Theyre both the same color, same body, same pickups (well, theyre both single split coil). theyre basically twins. However, if you ever look at guitar centers used products. theres basically no information, usually not even pics.
So, the bodies are the same aesthetically, but I cant find any information on them such as wood and pickups or weight.
Theres two more options Ive been looking at. theres an SG style Epiphone EB0 bass and an Ibanez Soundgear GSR200 bass
I do kinda think the Ibanez might be worth it. I have an Ibanez GRX40 guitar, and its been pretty reliable.
All of these are basically within 80-110 dollars. So, they sound like good deals.
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Out of those personally I would go for the Ibanez GSR200, I started on one myself and it's brilliant.
I'm not a fan of Peavey instruments in general.
The Affinity won't be good in the long run and I don't know about the EB0 but it gets a lot of bad reviews. I haven't tried it yet though.
Allright, but I must ask. Hows the weight on the Ibanez? Heavy?
"A guitar is your personality expressed through six strings"

"I'm cuddly bitch, deal with it"
If I had to choose between the squire and peavy. I'd pick squire. I used to have an affinity one and now own a squire Mike dirnt P-bass. Tried a peavy and HATED IT! Out of the 4 I go with Ibanez, then squire, then epiphone, then peavy
I've owned mexican, japense fenders and played american ones. I still own and use a few Affinities to me they are solid basses, and can be upgraded as time goes or sold for relatively the price you paid. Peaveys are very sturdy and a good brand in general.

I've never been a fan of Ibanez or the overly curvy style bass. They are nice basses, but their lowest end models such as that I think thend to have poorer resale value, and come less equipped for long term use without upgrades (which are fewer)

I've owned an EB-0 and for learning they could be fine, but they have several "problems"
1. they are short scale, which is fine I use 2 short scales, but they don't handle downtuning as well, and as a newer player whose probably playing covers might find that a problem.
2. This probably wouldn't be noticeable to a new player, but the pickup is extremely different than a real traditional eb-0 and leaves a lot to be desired, epiphine tried to mask that by wiring it to give it a perpetually muddy tone. The pickup is called a mudbucker, but a real mudbucker kicks up serious earth with a 27-32k low mid bulldozer, where as the epi is a whimpy 2-5k shit kicker that they beef up with cheap 250k linear pots and a big cap to keep it low, but it's hardly articulate.

Edit: squier P bass is my choice, The epi bass when about $75-$100 are spent upgrading it then rivals the p-bass.
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interesting. I mean, I dont know a helluva lot about guitar brands. I own a peavey guitar too, some custom made one by step dad made when he was 17. And, I never play the damn thing. I much like my ibanez better. But, I couldve sworn Ive heard good things about peavey.
And after reading askrere's post about the epi. its out.
So I guess the real competition is between squire and ibanez hmm?
EDIT: Theres also the Squire Jazz bass to consider, which Im also reading good things about. Not "entirely" sure what the differences are between the J and P bass are though.
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The Ibanez is ridiculously light.

Thats a real deal breaker for me >.<
Allright, well guys. I gotta say thanks a ton. Your input was really helpful. And taking all things into consideration, Ima go ahead and get the Squire Jazz bass.
"A guitar is your personality expressed through six strings"

"I'm cuddly bitch, deal with it"
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For me the ibanez sucks pretty much. i tried it in a store it it was pretty meh... however, there's people that likes them. I couldn't try peaveys, so i don't know, but affinity series are ok. however i like jazz basses more than precision, so i recommend you to try both and choose from there. good luck!
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