I created a post earlier asking some advice on speakers, and i've been lead to the eminence swamp thang. I've listened to some sound clips and read some reviews and i'm liking what i'm hearing so far.

I play punk rock / rock / metal live and i'm building a 4x12 cab myself. Alot of the reviews i've read say this amp is good for blues, and i read on the eminence website that it's recommended for rock music. Through a Jet City JCA100H i take it this will sound pretty decent for the stuff i play.

The only thing i'm worried about is that the output of each speaker is 150watt rms, and if i'm going to have 4 of them in my cabinet will it be too loud? I play venues of about 200 cap on average and i want to sound good, but i don't want to drown the rest of the band out. Would these still be ok to get, but just keep the amp on lower setting?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

speaker wattage doesnt determine how loud they are. It only lets you know how much they can handle. Your amp determines how many watts your outputting to your speakers.
Oh, i read somewhere that these speakers really make things louder. To be honest i really have no idea, thanks for the help! I think i'm gonna go for these cause i've found them at an affordable price. Cheers!
Sorry i just looked over the review again, and it said that these speakers handle really well at gig volumes! I think I understand now
They break up a little later than a lot of other speakers. I have them in my 2x12. Nice, focused sound with a great low end. They let the individual character of my 2 different Mesa amps shine through clearly (2:90 and 20:20).
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That sounds good. I think i'm gonna order 4 right now. Thanks for the advice!