My Spider III amplifier has a 1/4" headphone jack. Since I own 1/8" headphones, I picked up a 1/8" female 1/4" male converter piece today so I could use the headphones I already own with it. The guy at the store told me a mono converter would work fine, but when I play with the headphones it sounds like absolute garbage. These are the same headphones I've used with my brother's Peavey amplifier (which has a 1/8" jack) and they sounded great with that. I don't understand the difference between stereo and mono; could the fact that it is a mono converter be muddying up the sound?

Thanks in advance
i did the same thing with the same gear.

It sounds like garbage because of the amp.

Im not an expert, but im pretty sure it has nothing to do with stereo/mono conversion.
exact , it osund like garbage because the speaker compensate , spekaer sim is crappy .. and 90 % of them are crapp y. i tried , valvtronix , roland cube , vypyr , spider etc..

the only thing that sound awesome through headphone is the rocktron voodu valve !! the speaker simul is very good on it and make it sound very good . although like every dsp engine finding mid overdrive tone is harder than high gain .. the voodu valve sound real and not compressed like every heapdhone out there .

Curiously .. this unit dated from the mid 90's and sound better than every modeler ive tried through headphone . go figure out .

so bottom line doesnt have anything to do with mono /stereo .. uits the heapdhone sim output that suk . and most of them do .

good luck .
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