Hey guys,
I'm looking for a relatively good set of active monitors for around 100-150$. Naturally I googled, didn't find anything too useful except that getting a used pair would serve the purpose better than new for that price range. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
Geez... that's pushing it, unless you're looking to spend that much on each monitor, and then you might be okay if you go used.

Otherwise, I would seriously recommend spending a little more time and saving a little more money.

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Ahhh I was afraid of that. Well, thanks for the response, i'll probably be back here with the same question after i've saved up some cash.
$150-200 should easily get you a pair of used KRK Rokit 5s, maybe even some 8s if you're lucky.
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No idea about the prices over there, but I use a pair of Yamaha HS50M's as my monitors, they definitely do a god damn good job. Plus they can be tweaked further for compensation in smaller/crowded rooms.
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