Hi people,

A friend of mine asked me this, and so I opened another thread to not mix things up.

So, the question is pretty forward: for 100€, it's better to get an amp, or a pedal effects board and link it to the pc/headphones/quality sound system? And, for one of those that you think it's better, give an example

Thanks for helping with this!
Cheers and HNY (happy new year :p)
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Sorry, its 100€

Sorry for that, my mistake...

It's pretty close budget? Anything you reccomend even on 2nd hand?
A Pod GX will do you fine and you can always download a metal pack or something if you want amps which will do the dirty on it. Its quite a versatile little tool and its got a good sound for what it is and what you pay.
It is to go with a Epi SG Special he bought from a friend, the friend from which I was about to buy it. Not a bad guitar for the price, he is just a begginer.

On my city shop the gx is not avaiable, but they have the digitech rp155 wich is usb complaint. Is it a goos bet? Does it have nice effects?
Its a safe bet, probably. The layout looks alright, but if you can order a pod online get him one, its probably the slickest system for that price range.
I saw that the pod have just few effects... Can he download more from the web? does it have a good community?
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I saw that the pod have just few effects... Can he download more from the web? does it have a good community?

The pod comes with a lot of effects off the bat really, its only the really wacky ones it doesn't come with.

He can download more from the internet, and its pretty straightforward using the Line 6 monkey software that comes with it, you just unlock your purchase via line 6 monkey and it installs onto POD for you, it works really well and you have really small latency. If buying online is an issue for you though, get the digitech. I just prefer the line 6 myself (i still use it to this day even though i have a laney lionheart sitting there with a PRS CE and a Carvin ) So its a product that can last. Also it still comes with ableton live lite? Even though ableton can be a bit of a goofy program to use at first, he'll learn more about the production side probably and record his own guitar parts and mix them down. Theres quite a lot which comes with the POD that includes more than just amp sims, you get the amps, effects, recording software, and it all works pretty smoothly together imo.
Can you say the website to download more effects?

And a pretty easy question, if he wants to play without a computer, just with headphones, is it do-able with the gx or will he be dependent of the pc?
Common people, just need to take that questions out... Does it or doesnt it have loop recording and can we make user-defiened patchs and tones?

Please answear,

Thank you
I have the UX1 which is the next model up from the GX. It doesn't have a looper itself but you could get that function by using it with DAW software. It comes with a bunch of presets that you can tweak as you wish. You can also make your own patches totally from scratch
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I don't know if I should but the UX1 or not, because I don't know if it is worth it...

I saw the ux2, which I think its able to handle two guitars... Is there other type of thing like that to use with 2 instruments?

And what DAW software can be Ableton Live, right? Cheers