Came up with a groovy little bassline a while ago, and I finally got around to recording it last night. It sounded a bit empty so I figured I'd just bust an improv solo over it.
It's a bit rushed in some bits and the tone isn't perfect but yeah, check it out


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EDIT: My favourite lick is at 1:30 in case you're interested
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I liked the 1st minute. 2nd was ok. Imo, it would have been better if you kept the whole song soft and relaxing
Yeah, when I make it into a full song the reggae section at the start would be most of the track, and it'd build into the faster funk bit just as an ending. Take the track as sort of a teaser for what the full song might be aha.
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Anyone else? I'm hoping more for crit on my actual playing, as I haven't had lessons and I'd like to know where I need to improve.
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