OK so need a bit of advice while trying a new lick exercise!
realized i just couldn't get past
90bpm with It so separated the hands can get 160 with right and left hands seperate so im guessing it a sync problem between hands. Are there any good tips on here for the issue. lick was just 6th string 575457 5th 45754 6th 75457 repeat up and down

just had another look seems to be up pick 5th to down pick 6th and down pick 6th to up pick 5th inside picking i think!!!
But this goes up to 11
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keep playing with both hands. there's no shortcuts here. you keep doing it and your hands gets slightly less retarded over time.
Something I do is what my friend calls "woodshedding". you do an exercise (any. the one you have would work) at 60bpm (or any slow beat). then you do it at 63, then 66, and keep increasing the tempo in increments of 3. when you make a mistake, even a little one, start over at 60bpm. it's maddening and it takes forever, but it will make you a better guitarist
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You do it insanely slow and precise and clean for hours, and dont bother with increasing the tempo until a coupe of days later (of practicing it everyday). You wonder why the hell people spend so much time noodling around with the metronome instead of just leaving it tick slowly. You enjoy your new speed and new way of learning.


Also doing triplets, 5ths, 7ths etc will do much more to your musicianship than just increasing the bpms on the metronome.
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