So You want to be a Musician?

It's easy
just sit back
and listen.
There will be no revalation
no groundbreaking epiphany
or newfound knowledge.
just noise.

Free of connotations
and stereotypes
and preconceptions
it's not music
just noise.

You don't need to be pretentious
or deep, or artistic.
You don't need to find meaning
or message, or rhyme.

Just take a minute
and realize:
without you to hear it
to think it
to feel it
and listen,
it's not music;

just noise.

Just thought I'd fire up the old UG account. I dig feedback.
Hey, I remember you.

This is nice and simple, and I think whether you wanted it to or not, it extends beyond just music to all of life. Look and listen and sit still and it's all just white noise, attractions between electrons and protons swirling around and around and all fitting together so perfectly to resemble so many things, when in reality it's all numbers and it's all the same. You can see it as a beautiful thing or a terrifying thing, and that's what I like so much about this piece. You don't seem to present the "just noise" as either a good thing or a bad thing, it just is. You could take it one way and say that's what's beautiful about music, that people can listen to a bunch of noises all put together in a certain way and it will evoke powerful emotions, or you could say music is stupid because it's just a bunch of noises that aren't even in a language we can ascertain anything definite from, all just ambiguous random noise that our dumb little emotionally-fueled brains are deluded into thinking is profound. Same as life.

But yes, this is nice for its simplicity and its ability to provoke thought simultaneously. No qualms here.

Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I like this, very simple and gets its point across very well. Good work