Hate 'em? Love 'em? Discuss them here. The only canker sore thread that really matters. Personally can't stand the little buggers.
This is going to be a terribly vile thread... just terrible.
Just had one on my bottom left gum. I hate those things and I get them fairly often. Sucks...
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I get them once in awhile. Man do they every suck though.
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I get them occasionally. The really do suck though... especially when you're in debate. I sounded like a fricken idiot
Got a wicked fever for a week over the summer and had about 20 of them lining my mouth and tongue. I'm not suicidal, but I was that week.
I've had a couple, and they were amazing. Simply incredible, a very sensational and powerful experience. I wish everyone had them so they could share in the amazing experience.

I've never had one, and how the **** could you love something that sounds so disgusting?
I get them every once in a while and they're horrid.
I've found that putting salt on the sore helps temporarily.
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
An alcohol based mouthwash can sometimes help. It may burn at first, but then it numbs it for a bit. And keeps it clean.
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I hate those things, had one in my mouth last week in the back of my cheeks from biting it too hard, but it's about healed.
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I have had a few when I was younger. Get a little salt on the end of your finger and put it on them, it'll hurt a bit but it's not that bad. They go away faster if you do.
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I have 2 right now. I'm contemplating suicide

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This thread needs lemon juice and more pictures

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"the official canker sore thread"

Okay, this trying to make official threads thing has OFFICIALLY gone too far.


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This thread needs lemon juice and more pictures

Ooooooooh, you mean a mouth ulcer.
The worst are the ones you get RIGHT on your tongue. Seriously, they ****ing hurt and it becomes a chore to talk or eat.
Reported. This is ****ing disgusting.
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Why do you need an OFFICIAL thread for this? Do people make threads about this every day?

buy some bonjela or something, goddamn.

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