I'm really interested, if anyone can speak to it, on comparing a low-level Ovation (think GC's Celebrity line) with guitarfetish's Xaviere acoustic-electrics.

Anyone who has played these two, and have an opinion?
dunno about the xaviere, but i have 11(almost 12) ovations. 2 of em are the lower gc type clebrity's a gc057 and a cc44. great guitars plugged in, they tend to sound a bit thin unplugged. still fun to play but.... thin sounding- goes with being such a shallow bowl. plugged in they're awesome! just need a bit of reverb and your good to go. very comfortable sitting or standing, fast necks. i love em. for a little more tone you can pick up the gc057m mid depth. action is infinitely adjustable, neck are pretty much unwarpable. tough guitars, not the kind of thing to play if you drink your tea with your pinky lifted.