Vocals could be a little more forward, and i think more aggressive. It's overall gotta cool vibe to it, very classic rock-surfy sounding, I like it.
Hey! I just listened to your song, and I must say it has a feeling that reminds me of a cross between The Doors and Sabbath, and maybe even something like one of Zeppelin's dirtier songs. It has that good classic rock sound. I think your song could benefit from a trip to a recording studio, the vocals could use a good boost in volume, with heavy compression. That's what I think at least. And that's a really great guitar tone, what amp and guitar are you using? Any pedals?

The amp is a Line 6 Spider IV 30. It's not great, but is not deserving of the hate it gets. The settings are Drive - 3 Treble - 6 Mid - 5 Bass - 6. The guitar's a Fender Standard Telecaster set to the bridge pickup. One pedal is used, a Boss DS-1 with the Tone and Level set at 12 o'clock and the Distortion at about 8 o'clock.

The other guitarist is using a cheap Strat ripoff into a Traynor DG15, clean.
Line 6? Wow, I never would've guessed. I really don't like those things :p I think they are ok for home use, seeing how they have so many things built into them. But I guess they can be more capable then I thought. I just think its a very good guitar tone you have here, sounds less digital then I thought possible from a non tube amp
Sorry for the late...Thanks for the crit on my band...
..old school punk is what i feel here & i love it..the lyrics r good..vocals being clean is not an issue..but putting in some more heavy feel will nail ur songs.might be due to ur age...drummer & bass go well hand in hand...guitar variations puts the proper punk feel to it.but u can use more distirtion or effects to give a heavy feel to the song..its time for u to hit the studio guys...
As I expected from your screenname, it has a kinda retro classic rock vibe to it. Quite a decent & fun main riff. Cool lead parts at 1:30 onwards. The mix is ok but I think somehow the vocals especially feel a bit disconnected/separate from the rest of the instruments. I dunno, just the overall sound could be a fuller somehow. Pretty good and fun song though!.