The story takes place in India, describes the "jokes" and "comedy elements"caused by the collision of western culture and the exotic Indian culture in Outsourced dvd. Mid America Novelties is a specialized production fart cushion, when people sit on it, it will issue a sound like a fart, foam fingers and bacon wallets and other new, extraordinary and special products,whoestelemarketing centers were "outsourced" to India. Todd Dempsy originally had the hopeto be the company's manager, he really became a manager. But... he was board to India to manage the telemarketing center where he totally unfamiliar with.Todd discovery that, his "tragedy" is far more than that, the Indian employees know nothing about American products and American culture. To get them familiar with the production line, thus improving sales performance, he must give them a hands-on "crash course." Todd feels the Indians are "strange", the Indians also feel Todd is "strange",after all, he is a foreigner! To obtain the trust of colleagues, Todd must also take some thought to learn India, to know India. This is not an easy chore! Special jokes and comedy elements in Outsourced season 1 dvd for all of you. What kind of stories will happen among this American and other Indian people? You’ll fall in love with this special collision, I swear.

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