So I have enough money to build the pedal board that I've wanted for awhile. I've been saving up and am now just waiting for good deals to pop up on eBay. The chain will be guitar (either my '93 Strat that I got for $250 which is more than I'll ever need or the Martin X Series 000 something something that I just got for Christmas) > Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver > Malekko Vibrato > Subdecay DLX Quasar Phaser > Ernie Ball Volume connected to a Boss TU-2 > Young Pedal Co. The Looker Tremolo > TC Electronic Nova Repeater > Nuenaber Technologies WET Reverb > Amp. Currently, I have an Acoustic B200 bass amp which works perfectly but my parents have been asking me about a graduation present. Since the last three pedals in the chain (tremolo, delay, reverb) are all stereo, I have been thinking about a stereo setup. I would not like to have to lug around two combo amps back and forth to practice and home, also, that sounds fairly expensive. I have been searching recently for an amp head with stereo ins and outs, but have found nothing. I also had the idea of running the chain through a stereo mixer and then to two cabinets or PA but I feel that that would lose the guitar or amp sound I like. I believe a head with stereo ins and outs would suit my situation best, but I cannot find anything even close to that other than just stereo outs (but that is from the stereo effects in the head). If anyone knows of any modifications or a head that I could buy outright with those, it would be much appreciated. I am looking for a no-frills head. Just inputs, outputs, volume, and equalizer. I don't care for any onboard distortion or effects because I have (or are getting) what I need. I don't need much more than 100W or 150W either, just enough for practice and local shows. Any suggestions would be wonderful. What do you think of the mixer/PA/cabinets idea? As well as the stereo head? Or any other suggestions? What is your stereo setup? My budget, I'm assuming, is around $1,000, preferably less. Thanks ahead of time.
Thanks a TON!
what kind of music do you play?
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I listen to a lot of John Frusciante and Modest Mouse. I play a lot of soft, slower, acoustic, indie music. Kind of David Bazan style with a little more of an ambient aspect to it. I use more than just plain major and minor chords pretty frequently, I go more for tone and style that sounds good rather than technical ability and speed.
its fun to do sometimes, but definitely not a ton of fun to haul more gear around. i will use different pairings out. sometimes i will bring the Nitro out for the heavy and my bassman for the cleans. two heads, two cabs most of the time. sometimes i will take a 4x12" with K85's and V30's in an X, with the Promod going to the k85's and the V30's for the Nitro, but there isn't a ton of difference with that combo.
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