Hey guys, I have this guitar interface that I use to record my guitar

Behringer Guitar Interface

I know its pretty cheap, but I use it to record to into Amplitube and it sounds okay. I just want to know if buying a different interface, like this would help the sound quality because recently I've just been unsatisfied with what Amplitube can do. Maybe its my guitars, but maybe its the way I have it connected, I'm not sure. Maybe you guys can answer that. thanks.
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Line 6 boasts some of the lowest latency with their interfaces. I have the UX1 and it works great with the Asio drivers. It'll come with the standard version of Pod Farm, which is ok. But you can find a lot of free amp sims just by doing some research on here. A lot of people on here use the free ones instead of the bigger names like Pod Farm, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, etc.