So I am looking broaden my musical range and feel an acoustic should help give me some more options when recording. I find acoustic simulators just don't sound natural at all. I am a complete noob in the world of acoustics though so I need some advice to find where to start looking.

What I want:
Thick rich deep sound
Ability to plug in

I am unsure as my budget yet If I go cash I am looking at a max of 300$ if i trade one of my electrics im thinking 500-700 depending on what I trade.
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What you should do is try all sorts of different models. Martin-like dreadnoughts, cedar tops, ovations, etc,

Personally I love the Seagulls (subbrand of Godin). Brands like Yamaha, Epiphone and Cort are known to produce some great guitars within that price range, only most Epiphones like the Hummingbird for instance aren't pluggable if I'm not mistaken

What you should do is bring a tuner with you and try out some different styles: is there a ridiculous amount of fretbuzz when you strum real hard? Does the sound of chords sound really rich and full or rather tinny? Are you impressed by the action and dynamics when you play some fingerstyle or let some notes ring out. Narrow down your choice and compare your 2 or 3 favorite sounding guitars. Keep in mind that the strings are key to the tone of an acoustic so it may be a bit hard to judge whether you enjoy the sound if the strings are a bit old...

Oh and for Xst sake, don't buy any guitars online if you haven't tried the model somewhere first, unless the thing is ridiculously cheap (and even so...)

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read the new guitar sticky, it'll point you in the direction you need to go. asking us is no good, we'll all tell you to buy what we like and then ask you to borrow it. but if you do end up with a cobalt blue ovation adamas W597.... can i use it next thursday?
thick rich sound, electronics, $500 to $700. i'd suggest you try these:

try all the masterbilts you can get your hands on, but especially try this one - not only all solid, but rosewood back and sides for a little extra bass and complexity http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-masterbilt-aj-500re-advanced-jumbo-acoustic-electric-guitar

if you can find a blueridge BR-160CE in your price range, i suspect it would be exactly what you're looking for.

i'm not a huge fan of the martin x series, but they have bass that most of their competitors don't have. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/martin-dcx1e-acoustic-electric-guitar/514816000000000

you might also want to check breedlove and washburn. most of the other brands that i like in this price range don't deliver bass so much as balanced, crisp or bright tone.
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Thisi s just an option [and I'm not going to claim to be incredibly knowledgeable as far as acoustics go]. But have you thought of getting a straight up acoustic and then just buy an acoustic pickup for it?

i've got an Epi AJ-200s and a Seymour Duncan Woody Pickup [total cost was about $200] and I honestly dont think theres a guitar under $500 I would rather have. Maybe I just got lucky with the acoustic I've got but I love the damn thing.