hey comunitea! i nead to know what you guys think of these new lyrics i have been working on for my band. we are like an experimental metal core/death core band with slight pop punk influence. our biggest influences are based around green day, oceano, attack attack, and cynic. these lyrics are about a boy in eighth grade (me) who cant be taken seriously by the girl he loves because she thinks he (me) is a big metal head goof bag but secreactly i am a very smart and a sensitive with a little bi sexual feelings starting to bloom in his mind. but without further a do here they are.

i burn for you. my bleeding blood screams your name
i turn to see you, next to your best friends mane
you kiss the mane, the mane is everything i hate!
i feel the maggots maggots maggots (delay effect on voice)
crawling undah! my skin!
while i wait for you
to get your lunch from the table
i want to be the table
i am the table (reference to metalulu)

i am not what you think of me
i really am a sensitive
with bi sexual curiousity

repeat verse one

i really am sensitive i tell you
i tell you bitch!
i dont like you anymore
while you get condoms from the store
get out of my life
go fly a kite
shut the door

(guitar solo)

big metal break down (sreams)
(band does big metal break down)
thank man i really appreciate your feedback i wrote these lyrics during a dark time in my life, but thanks for the recording offer but im doing fine on my own.