Hey guys, I recently purchased a ibanez tube screamer. Can i put an overdrive pedal after a russian big muff and a (kinda-shitty) boss ds?

I made a board and used industrial strength Velcro so i cant move both pedals just for that the ts9. haha

so my chain: my guitfiddle > tu-3 tuner > russian muff > ds-1 > tube screamer > boss delay > amp
Once i get it i will see if i personally like that placement but does anyone know if it would judging by "the proper pattern in a pedal chain" haha

It's not up to anyone else to say. Some people like overdrives before distortion or fuzz, some like them after. You'll have to see for yourself. There is no set rule for OD/Dist/Fuzz placement as far as other OD/Dist/Fuzz pedals are concerned. It's all about what sounds best with your particular setup.

You have your dirt pedals before your delay, that should be set in stone, everything else is up to you.
I know it seems like i have a lot of dist/od peeedals, but the delay is nice. I can't really use time based effects besides the delay, but chorus, flange and phaser are all delays technically speaking haha. But i play in original band and i like my o.d and clean on my deville and barely use the ds-1 and use the muff at cool heavy parts so and now i want to try an overdrive for the hell of it. haha idk
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