I don't know if i placed this tread correctly, if not move it please :P
I am a beginner in guitar art, i startet to record some covers to get some advices.
I would like to know what i am doing wrong and how to improve it

Here you can see some of my covers, enjoy !

Nothing else matters solo Cover :


AC/DC - Highway to Hell - full cover


Guns n' Roses - Don't Cry solo cover


Guns n' Roses - November rain, solo 1,2,3


Witam Jestem Polakiem ale juz malo uzywam jezyka wiec latwiej mi bedzie po angielsku napisac :P

Good covers. One thing you can improve is your vibrato - you don't apply any when you bend, and when you do it, it's *very* subtle, I can't really hear it. You vibrato like a classical player, but you play rock music, maybe try a completely different approach to it? Instead of shaking your hand left and right, try using your wrist and shake it up and down.
Other than that your playing is good

Miło spotkać Polaka na zagranicznym forum

As many forums as many different comments. I know about bends and vibrato, i need to train them more, but i am playing for like 1 year, so you can see lack of technics. Some ppl tell me that there is no articulation and i should pick strings in both ways, up and down, but i don't know exactly where and how

Saw your vid, nice one, thumb up of course