So the mention of the GFS (Guitar Fetish) line of pedals in one of the year-end "best of" lists on UG has piqued my interest. I'm currently looking around for a good deal on a delay and phaser or flanger (still trying to decide which one suits me better) and those GFS pedals appear to be just that.

I'd be using the delay as a "faux-reverb" of sorts, placing it in my amp's effect loop and set to a short delay time. The phaser (or flanger) would be used more sparingly, adding a slight bit of the effect to certain rhythms and leads.

Thanks for any advice. From all I've read it seems the GFS line of pedals is a nice budget solution to those looking to add to their pedalboards. Now if they only made a nice budget-priced Volume pedal it looks like I could complete my board on the cheap without spending too much cash.
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The pedals are modded Biyangs. They're very solid, the delay sounds good, and has a pretty decent time range (0-1100ms). If you want it for a reverb effect then you'd be set, but you might be better off getting an actual reverb pedal (they do one too I think). Not sure about their Phaser, though the Electro Harmonix Nano's are pretty close pricewise and are generally very nice pedals for the money too.
If you want a cheap volume pedal, a Morley Little Alligator can be found used for around $40-50.
+1 on joyo

in my experience biyangs have terrible reliability. the gfs ones claim to be modded, but i doubt they've fixed that problem.
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