Not sure if this belongs here but does anyone know of any good programs out there that will allow you to slow down the original mp3 to the point you can hear almost every note being played?

Other then audacity, please. I can't figure out how to use that program for my life, and top of that when my friend showed me how to do it the quality of the song became so distorted.
Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player


Should have elaborated I only have a Mac.
YOur friend might have used the wrong effect in audacity. The "change speed" effect will also affect the pitch. The "change tempo" effect doesn't, so it should be clear enough.
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Everybody I know swears by Transcribe! which is pretty awesome and will even do some harmonic analysis for you.
Ill give Transcribe a shot, and Ill retry Audacity, pretty sure one of the two will suffice. Thanks fellas.
UltraMixer. It's free and you can slow things down with a simple slider. Check it out