Hello there,I'm pretty new to electric guitar and guitar in general and i have couple questions about parts of a setup.

I have a guitar which is equipped with the Floyd Rose system (Jackson DK2S the guitar is second hand,good condition and needs couple adjustments).

Now i know how to restring and keep it in tune,this is not an issue.
But when it comes to Action,Tross Rod adjustments,and Intonation I'm getting lost.
(Intonation is less of an issue),but the action or the tross rod makes the guitar buzz like hell on almost every place along the neck especially the third string,it suffers the most from buzz and very low sustain.

I setup my guitar to the lowest action possible (i know that i need to decrease the pressure so i wont damage the knife edges),so i thought it might affect the horrible buzz and really low sustain,well it helped a bit when i raised the action but really just a bit it still buzz all the way,so its not an action problem i guess?,what should i do from here? how to adjust the truss rod?,i need the tools (from what i understand i need special ruler and the right Helen key for me tross rod and a good tuner?).

I tuned with the amp,it has an integrated tuner which is not that good but enough for tuning (its the Peavey Vyper 15) so i cant really check for intonation but i will buy all the tools needed for Christmas .

Help me please with the mess i got in my head,i just need to stop the buzz so i could play normally.