Hi, I have 5 pedals, they all take 9v, and the iso-5 has 3 9v options a 9v and 12v input drawing 300 ma of current. And an 18..

So i can only power 4 of my pedals, right? I would def blow one of the pedals if i pluged it into the 12v input, at least that's what i would expect to happen.
Probably need something more like the Pedal Power 2 Plus.

That 18V output is nice for powering EMG pickups though... heh...
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Ya, only 4 9V outs, though you could daisy chain two of them. Kinda defeats the purpose of the isolated outs though. The T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr. has 5 isolated 9V outs, though each only provides 100mA of current. As long as your pedals don't exceed that, you should be good though. And it's cheaper than the ISO-5.
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