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No idea what that is.

What is it made of?

EDIT: Googled it...

I'm being extra derpy today...
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its excellent.
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And i bet you like pork, which has at least 6 times as many things as venison that can screw you up just as bad if not worse.

If you guys like venison, you should try horse. Taste amazing.
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Never had it but I've heard good things about it. I even tried to get it on the Christmas menu this year but no, pork fillet again. My mom's not one for culinary adventures
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I don't believe I have ever had venison.

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It's okay.

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I love Venison.

Also love Veal, people seem to group them together for some reason. I don't get why though.

and maybe because they're both meats that people don't usually eat and are a bit mysterious as it isn't obvious what they are from name.

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venison's dear, isn't it

edit: a butcher friend of mine offered me 8 legs of venison for £800.....i said that's too dear.
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Venison is awesome. Last year my wife's uncle gave us some venison backstraps, so I made my own version of filet mignon with them. I cut them into medallions, wrapped them in bacon, and grilled them over an open flame using oak. It was freaking awesome.
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edit: a butcher friend of mine offered me 8 legs of venison for £800.....i said that's too dear.

How can you expect anyone to fallow that?

Edit: OT: Venison is yummy. Not something I eat regularly, but it's tasty. Wish I ate it more often actually, same with kangaroo and ostrich.
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venison's dear, isn't it

edit: a butcher friend of mine offered me 8 legs of venison for £800.....i said that's too dear.


Yes, I've had it and it's pretty good if prepared correctly. Deer jerky is a staple here, that in most cases is much better than beef jerky. Getting to try everybody's different styles is pretty cool, some people are great at making it, others probably couldn't make a bowl of cereal, much less jerky.
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definitely. and SUPER cost effective. my friend has had this one deer last like an entire year.
I like it alright.
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Some of it is very good. It really depends on the animal's diet. I've had deer that fed on corn and it tasted very mild.
Its nice, but I find it a bit rich.
I dont have it often and when I do, in small portions.
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I like it. I don't hunt, but I know quite a few people that do. That means I can pretty easily get some when I want it.
I haven't had it in a very long time since I was quite young so I don't remember what it was like other than I liked it.
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