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Main influences for this one are probably Keep of Kalessin, Enslaved, and Death. Bit of a strange mix I guess, but I think it actually works pretty well! I'd very much like to hear what people think of this one, and could use some constructive criticism on the mix, as that's something I'm really trying to keep improving with each song I do. I'll be more than happy to listen to and comment on anything you guys have done in return if you like!


Guitars - RR24 -> L6 POD Farm.
Bass - GP5 -> L6 POD Farm.
Drums - FL Studio 5.
Vox - SM57 -> Zoom R16 interface mic pre.

DAW: Reaper 3.77

I'd particularly appreciate any suggestions regarding the vocal production, which I struggled with this time!

Cheers, and hope you like it!
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Sounds like melodic death metal, not just black/death metal. Although there is a lack of melodies in instrumental parts. I actually like it, though I like really little of such genre. You should really add some guitar melodies in instrumental parts.

Mixing-wise, it is not bad. It sounds good, but definitely not professional quality. The guitar sounds "wet", so to say. It definitely needs more treble, to stand-out in the mix more. It's hard to hear bass, which is pretty usual in metal bands, but I'm a big fan of treble-like basses. The drum track is good, but it's too obviously computer-played, it should be more dynamic in volumes, meaning some hits are harder, some softer. Also needs more mixing, it sounds quite low I'd say, needs to stand-out more as well. Bass drum is too soft.

I only listen to 1 death metal band, which sound something like:

^ it is perfectly mixed, in my opinion.

Overall, it is a good record, both in songwriting and mixing, but mixing sounds amateur.

I made threads about my compositions long ago so I don't remember threads, you can just write what you think about my music in PM, pick any you'd like, or all if you like such music

I'm diggin the instruments. Not so much the vocals. They seem to lack power dude, almost too breathy. I'll cut some slack cause I have the R16 and I know how shitty the pre's are on that thing. Maybe head to the screaming/growling thread and get a bit of help on that though.

Instrumentally I really like it though. It's pretty cool.
Damn good job on this one man. I'll start with the production; the guitars sound nice if not a little 'muddy', try adding some more treble. Otherwise i love your tone.

The drums sound good but i'd say it's a little too obvious that they're computer-generated somehow. I dunno. The kick isn't very strong either; try adding a narrow boost somewhere in the lower register at a place that won't clash too much with the low end of the guitars and the bass. Also the cymbals could do with a little more 'clarity', they're just not very noticeable right now i guess.

The vocals weren't bad. I've never produced a track with vocals apart from remixes so i can't give you too much advice there.

The riffs are killer and it's a pretty sick track you got going here man, just need to work on the production a little more!

And thanks for the comments on my track

- Jim
As a composition, this is pretty good. The riff around 3:20 makes me think of Opeth, which is definitely a good thing.

The production needs some work. The guitars a little muddy and eat up the bass's frequencies too much. Chuck a boost in there around the 1-3kHz range to get a little more pick attack and presence, and cut around 200-250(ish)Hz to reduce the muddiness.

The drums here are alright, but they seem to function more like a metronome than an additional instrument, which is something a lot of artists struggle with. The beats are alright, but they get recycled too much, I think. As for the production, the kick drums lacked balls. Boost the 100Hz range for more punch and a little bit at the 3kHz range for more attack. The snares were alright. The toms needed to be louder so those fills would be forward in the mix. The cymbals were also a little quiet, so again, just make those a bit louder.

For the vocals, I agree that they lacked power behind them. One trick a vocalist friend told me for recording harsh vocals is to take a sip of some whole milk before a take, which gives you a lot rumble and lets you be a little more forceful without hurting yourself. Having never tried it in a serious recording situation, I dunno how good that is, but it's worth a shot.