Hi there, just been into the local music store to get some strings, when in there I asked about neck bow as im uncertain to weather my guitar has a slight bow or not (looks like it bows a bit around the middle (7th fret) but as said I'm not too sure on it :/ It looks straight looking straight down the neck but looking at it side on it appears to dip (might be due to strings being low at nut and higher at the joint end of the guitar (tis a LP with TOM-Stop)

Here is a pic to see what I'm on about.. but the question in the title is based on the price in that shop for a full set-up and restring is £35, I've never had one done before or enquired on one so is that cheap/expensive?

£35 is perfectly reasonable for a setup
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A shop near me used to do them for free when you bought strings off them.

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