After exhausting (?) googling, I've come to the pit.

Would anyone please point me towards getting the best sound quality?

ie pro headphones, speaker systems, HD audio downloads, SACD/Laserdisc/wtv, audio formats, and, most of all,

A portable media player that is true HiFidelic. For good or bad, the iPod looks too commercial. I do believe there are better, more HD media players - I mean, iPod doesn't even have FLAC support.
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Whats wrong with just simple earphones and an simple mp3 player

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I don't want a sophisticated, intellectual answer.

A simple pointer would suffice.

What do you want to know exactly?
For portable audio, spend 90% of all your money on good headphones. Depending on budget, Sennheisser or AKG is always a safe bet.

You won't even notice a difference between a crappy mp3 or a flac recording if you have crappy headphones. Stay away from ipod's and basically anything apple related when you want decent soundquality from your medaplayer. The quality of other more well know brands is pretty much the same nowadays.

And for listening at home, it needs a hell of a lot more explaining. Research on google and audiophile forums a lot, figure out the acoustics of your room. Etcetera
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get good in-ears like one of the £150+ ranges to stop you being "that guy" wearing the expensive cans on public transport.

google "audiophile" forums.

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