thinking about replacing my 81s with 81x's or the new JH set, but im worried about the new solderless installation, wont the contact points make it sound dull? will it suck the tone?

ive replaced 81s with 81x's before before i sold that guitar, while it did improve tone it also sounded like i was playing with fat strings and used a super thick pick and had fat fingers, i figured it was due to the solderless system, or maybe the 81'xs are just more bassy?
In the hifi world it is generally accepted that solder joints are an inferior method of joining audio cables. There is some validity to it, lead has a lower conductivity to copper on copper. It is measurably worse even with a basic multimeter.
As long as the contacts have sufficient spring tension to keep the two conductors touching then theoretically it should be better.
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