Hey all... New to the forum and looking forward to taking my guitar to the next level. I've been a beginner for too many years and plan on practicing a lot more in the coming year.

Lessons are the best way for me to learn, but I travel a lot for work. I'm willing to pay for a good online learning package. After some google searches, I'm finding a ton of online lessons. Some look decent, but others seem pretty gimmicky.

Can anyone make recommendations for a good online learning package? If it matters, I'll probably play mostly acoustic blues and country getting started.

This is probably the wrong section for this, try the guitar techniques subforum. You'll probably have more luck there.
I wouldn't give money for something I could do for free. What do you want to learn?
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Best recommendation for online lessons:

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I'd love to do lessons live with an instructor, but with a heavy travel schedule I'll be able to dedicate a lot more time to online learning. Just need to find a good package. Yes, I do agree that there is a ton of good free stuff out there as well.
For guitar specific lessons, I'd try www.justinguitar.com. There are over 500 free lessons on there.

For general music theory, I suggest you look up a guy named Lypur on Youtube. He's got a 50 video music theory course on there. He's sort of a funny character though, so you might feel embarrassed watching his videos with people around, but he really does a good job teaching music theory at a steady, manageable pace. He even gives you notes, homework, and exams.

Lypur also has a course specifically for piano. I haven't watched any of those, though, so I can't really give an opinion.