Do you know what the problem is with the local scene (besides the fact there really isn't one anymore)? **** it, do you know what the problem is with Rock N' Roll in general? There are no more rockstars, no more anthems, no more stage shows and no more bands that want to take over the world.

That is where Death & Romance come in. They are a band hooked on world domination and won't settle for anything less. A band that is very loud, rude and aggressive. Equal parts Rock N' Roll and Metal.

The bands influences include Jager, Night Train, Sixx: A.M., Guns N' Roses, Strip Clubs, Avenged Sevenfold, Motley Crue, Kiss, Beer, Bullet For My Valentine, Alice Cooper, Shinedown, L.A. Guns, Horror Movies, Skid Row, Misfits and creating chaos!

The band consists of vocalist Colter Grimm. The singer/entertainer to end all others. His range and power is unparalled. He is the voice of a new generation. Christ LaViene on lead guitar. Whether he is shredding, rippin' a nasty lead or picking something beautiful, Christ knows whats best for the song and delivers it at high energy. On rhythm guitar the one and only Mason Murder. Mason knows when it's time to harmonize a lead or to pound out the chords. Either way though he does it with force and style. Kodie Krypt and JJ Priest round out the band. Kodie's ratty raw punk rock bass lines and JJ's fast powerful yet groove oriented drums make for a power house rhthym section like no other.

Even though these guys are just starting out they have already created quite a buzz. They already have their debut album recorded and slated for a February release. They are currently perfecting their particular brand of Sleazecore live, including shows with national act Hed PE. So catch them live on the small stage now before you can't anymore.

Needless to say Rock N' Roll needs saviours. Are Death & Romance the band to bring it all back? Only time will tell...... but we think so.

Check it out everyone, and support the chaos if you like it! We got our first single "Self Destruct" available for streaming and sale. We also have a live video of "End Your Life" on youtube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIjF5IMDgd8
). Check the links for more info!


Contact at deathandromance@hotmail.com
regardless of your intention, be it dramatic effect, the first paragraph is a load of bulls***
I agree with what you said in the first paragraph but if you really want to "take over the world" your guitarist will have to both improve their stage presence and write better parts. the rhythm was dull and the solo was awful. This is all based on what I saw in the youtube link.
Yea, the bio is pretty cocky so I know we're gonna get the haters, but that's what rock 'n roll needs - balls. Iowa's music scene is infact dead, and rock 'n roll in general is bleak nowadays. Everyone has their own opinion and we're not for everyone, however, Rachel Boland is following us on twitter...so we must be doin somethin right! lol
I'm not going to listen to your band if I have to like your page to get to the tracks. That makes no sense and it's stupid. Also, the youtube video really let me down after reading the introduction you wrote.