Hi all,

I've not posted on here in a while, but back with another sale! I know this isn't guitar gear but hopefully it'll be ok, if there have been rule changes on what one can post for sale since I was last here I apologise.

I was obviously good enough last year as Santa bought me a Magic Mouse for Christmas and as such, I don't need my Mighty Mouse anymore.

Condition: Pretty good, has the usual trouble with the scrollball that one would expect from a 3 year old Mighty Mouse, but a good clean would sort that out. I believe I have the original box, so will post in that - the box, should I be able it, is still in excellent condition.

Price: I want £15 + postage which shouldn't be more than £1/2 as it's so light.

No offers please. I've based the price on recent eBay sales of the Mighty Mouse. I'll stick a brand new pair of Duracells in the mouse for you tho, so that saves a few quid!

Americans amongst the ranks still reading (if any got further than "FS UK" and the use of £!) I'm in the UK! Sorry if that sounds patronising or rude, it's truly not meant that way - I understand the majority of this forum arefrom the US - and have had people before on other forums ask for prices in USD etc.

To contact me, email stefan AT sda-audio DOT co DOT uk or via the contact page on www.sda-audio.co.uk . I can get pictures and email/MMS them to you whenever.

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