Thanks to the info of this site that I started on an earlier thread, I just received my late x-mas gift from my wife "fender mustang 3 amp"...it was worth the wait! Only got to play with it for about a half hour and at midnight so couldn't play it too loud but loved it compared to my super cheap fender amp that came in a guitar combo pack. Hopefully in the next 3 months I can get a new guitar too. Here are some pics:

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Those things have some pretty nice low gain tones for a cheap modeller.

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Nice. I looked at those but went for my Vox modeller because I didn't want to have to use the computer, but the flexibility you will get will be great. Hope you enjoy it.
Nice. those things sound great, especially for the money they can't be beat.
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Thanks can't wait to figure out how to use it to the max...I have one question whats a really good guitar/amp cable?
livewire is good enough bro.
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I am glad to see one of these instead of a Spider IV. HNAD my friend.
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