Hello Iron Maidens! first things first,

Im huge Maiden fan from finland. I study music, and thats the reason why i listen maiden, i can learn from it. The way how i listen maiden is playing along with guitar.
I can play every Maiden song on guitar and now im about to take my appreciation of maiden to a next level.

This what ive think
This isnt new idea, Basicly i gather maiden musicians together from all around the world.
Not literally, Things which connects us are Internet, video Camera and an instrument.
So we form a Maiden tribute band which concern on youtube : ) For example,
We pick a song, Like some maiden classic (Hallowed be thy name)
Then, Every player records his own part of that song, Drummer starts,
then he send drumtrack to bassist, he sends it to guitarists and then singer
kicks in. We would use Cubase, so every player must have it. At last, I mix
the song and then we come to another part, FILMING YOURSELF

Every player films own playing performance. Then we make a video of it.
We add some cool stuff there and there and basicly it would be a music video.

I have the drummer already. What i really need is bass player. Ofc 1-2 guitarists.

What makes this project different from other youtube cover bands is that we
make it more maiden style, We all know how real Maiden should be played so
we do so : p. Videos would be more like emotionals, not like "haa we know how to play it"

Well anyway, If you are interested, contact me


ps. sry my english