GRRRR is temporary name since I have no lyrics so how could I have a title? Tuned to B if you didn't notice and obviously drums aren't there since they are very hard for me to program and I haven't done it yet but C4C please honestly critique on flow of song, suggestions, and how repetitive it seems keeping in mind there will be lyrics/vocals/drums eventually.
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Thanks for your crit, just returning the favor here.

It's a pretty good piece, but in serious need of drums 'cause I can't get the feeling of the melodic death sound without drums... :S Somehow this song reminds me a bit of Mors Principium Est, especially the rhythm parts, but sometimes it gets a little bit repetitive. Song flows pretty nicely except the transition at 72-73. That didn't really work out for me. Though the transition at 80-81 is pretty good. The leads are also pretty good, but I think it needs working out just a bit.

Overall, it's a pretty decent song. Cheers !