I have around 280$, and have a 3 yeAR old ipod nano. I have my eye on a 32gb ipod touch 4th gen. should i buy it? or will a 5th gen one be released sometime soon?
ipod updates are in september, the updates this year were extremely miniscule, as ipod sales are dropping

id recommend a smartphone if you want touch interface, but hey, if you are convinced on an ipod, there is no updates coming soon
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definitely. once they're jailbroken they're amazing
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get an anroid an put an sd card in it. my whole setup was a 100 dollar phone 70 dollar 32gb micro sd and 30 dollar case.
200 dollars for an ipod touch on steroids
I would just get an iPod Classic, it's about 50 bucks cheaper and has 160GB of space. That is, unless you want to play games or anything on it.
my ipod classic broke a month ago (which sucks cause I've gotten a shitload of music since) and I'm looking at the same one. anyone here actually have one?
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Sell the Nano and get some iTunes cards for your brand new Ipod Touch.
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